ARTIST STATEMENT: My body of work centers around what it means to grow in difficult spaces. I use the natural landscape of a mural site and add flowing vines, leaves, and patterns. I then accent the overgrowth with colors from nature and hyperintensify them with pops of complementary colors. I use intricate patterns and line-work for the eye to follow while attempting to weave a story similar to how cultural textiles and fabrics tell generational stories. I add animals and figurative work as a way to support this history and hope the viewer immerses themselves in the fairy tale and folklore of the work I present; becoming not just an audience, but a participant and adding to the narrative with their own unique and personal experiences.
ARTIST BIO: Angelina Villalobos, pseudonym 179 grew up in Seattle, Washington within a mosaic of cultures and ideas. Having been raised Americanized Mexican Catholic, Angelina’s work mixes the elements of her upbringing and merges them with graffiti, anime, folklore, and fairy tales to create a very unique style exclusive to the Pacific Northwest. Angelina received her Associate of Applied Science from Seattle Central Community College Graphic Design Program in 2008, but discovered she liked the tangibleness of creating art by hand rather than the distant world of computers. 
The inspiration for her body of work are stories humans have created to explain the unknown; tales about animals and their wit especially peak her interest. Through her platform of public art and community outreach, Angelina leads workshops creating art in communities throughout Seattle. She has worked with organizations such as Urban Artworks, The Seattle Opera, and Seattle Public Library guiding youth to create works of art that contribute to their neighborhoods.

Angelina’s work has been featured for campaigns including International Women's Day for The Microsoft Store and the launch of their Surface Pro. Recently 179 traveled to Russia as a cultural ambassador teaching street art and muralism for a US funded program called Next Level USA. Angelina’s work is featured in Seattle’s largest mural collection called Sodo Track and has been interviewed for several online and paper periodicals. 

PUBLIC ARTIST STATEMENT: I’m a muralist and  teaching artist in Seattle working with the community on public art projects and workshops. My goal is to create safe and beautiful spaces for community members by engaging them in mindful installations. I love working with youth and challenging their brilliant minds to think about their roles within the rapid growth of our city.​​​​​​​ My work strives to engage the viewer to be a part of their environment through observation, critique, & participation. I believe community engagement is vital to successful art planning and that art should be accessible to all. My focus is education & leading by example.
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